lunes, 4 de agosto de 2008

Don't make me hate you

Tired of keeping pieces of everything by a little,
A little of all ending at nothing,
Having more bills than profit at all,
It doesn't work if there's just the half.

Because I don't give myself in parts,
I let you see, all who I really am,
Don't try to cheat me with that comfortable speech,
You know like I know that it's just to speak...
Just look into my eyes and tell me,
Do you really wanna try?

The alcohol is not during eternally,
Just like my patience,
Like my life, like my love...
I can continue with them
If I just decide to forget.

So you remember... I'm not a toy,
I can change you for another boy,
You're not my mother... you're repleaceable,
Maybe it's difficult... but not impossible...

Are you gonna take me serious?
Do you feel how much I feel you?
Can you see how much I Want you?
So please... don't make me hate you.

4 comentarios:

Jesus dijo...

Que cool esta ese escrito =)

Anónimo dijo...

no comments.. I saw a mistake... correct it please!! hahahaha and Do not think that I'm a demanding prof... I'm just doin' my work!!
by the way... In liked it!
let's create a foundation against people who dont know what they want to do with their lives!! hahahahaha
luv ya!

Oliver.Espectro dijo...

Jajaja even when the post is anonymus i know who you are jajaja... thanks X... for the correction


Anónimo dijo...

Congratulations.!!! me gusto mucho.!!! it's so cute... me recordo varias cosas q me han pasado pro q ya qdarn atras jeje... espero q sigas escribiendo cosas lindas, mucho exito y suertee xD

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